🌊 Part 2 of the Atlantis update is here!
👿 New Hardcore Bosses! Use a Hardcore Tome to battle harder bosses!
🏆 Take on the new Mecha Kraken and Queen Slime!
🎁 Hardcore Bosses have 1 time earnable milestone rewards!
🎮 New Memory Match minigame!
🔥 New Limited Time pets in Atlantis!
✨ Index Revamp: Limiteds now have a separate index! Limited Index can be completed via trading too!
💪 New Auto Egg AFK included with Super AFK Pass!
⚡ New Battle Stew Item (increases damage and crit chance)!
🐶 15 new pets!
😎 2 new mounts!
🌍 Keybind for Fast Travel talent (press G)!
🐛 Bug Fixes

Welcome to Pet Catchers! 🐾

🌟 Discover and catch over 150 different pets in a brand new world!

⚔️ Power up your pets and build a team to conquer epic bosses!

💎 Complete quests, go fishing, and play minigames to get rare loot!

A game by Rumble Studios.


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