NOTCE: Please understand that the cart tracks currently lead to nowhere, the old cart system is broken due to new Roblox physics, so please cease your complaints about it until I finally have them fixed.

This map is going to be tweaked and perfected for a while longer (I'm also aware of the bugs), I'll work on it if I ever have any time.

Splitting off into EXPLORE and DESTRUCTION mode as soon as I am satisfied with the map (could be a while).

Come and experience a fun piece ROBLOX's history in this original brickbattle map!

A wide variety of antique ROBLOX models have been chosen from an even wider variety of games dating between 2006-2008 to comprise the ULTIMATE brickbattle tribute map.

From Volcanic Island, to Glass Houses, to Crossroads, to Chaos Canyon, to SFOTH and SO much MORE! This map predates 2009-2016 architecture, so don't miss out!

[..Currently Expanding..]


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