>> Welcome to Hunter X Anomaly! Become a hunter or a powerful ant as you train to become the strongest player.<<  

Space: Jump
F: Block
M1: Light Punch
M2: Heavy Punch
Q: Dash
J: Pushups
M: Meditating

This game has:
- Weekly Updates
- Hunter Exams ( Community Server Below!! )
- Lots Of Different Islands To Explore
- Over 15 Hatsu In Game ( More Being Made as well )
- Fighting Styles
- Mounts
- Lots Of Different Nen Abilities 
- Lore ( Community Server Below!!

Current level cap: 200
• All sneaks and codes are in our Official Community Server below!!
• Credits: Eternal Nen & Triply - Owner Of Eternal Nen


There are currently no running experiences.