READ: This Game Is For The Haha Funny, So If Any Of This Bothers You Then Just Don't Play It I Guess.

I just care about my community and game so much, that i decided to make an update so big that it will redefine the concept of huge update!
This will be the biggest update to ever occur on roblox!
The game is practically unidentifiable!
This new update features many different game changes such as:
grass texture
And more!
This will also fix many audio issues and many graphical errors, as well as update some false, unreal, not trustworthy information that the russian government planted into my game! 

WARNING: This Game has bad sound design and its really loud.

Other Stuff
 - If you want to then join the my group. (Check my profile to find it)
 - If You Are On Mobile Click Your Screen After IO Sec To Respawn
 - E To Sit
 - Jump While In The Air To Double Jump
 - R To Reset
 - Shift To Run


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