Version Alpha (Still Unplayable, Testing)

[2018 Roblox Summer Accelerator Project]

Oak Tale is an original action adventure MMORPG created by Fangous and Circa555. It all started as a passion project about two years ago. Over the course of Oak Tale's development, we have learned so much and have met so many awesome people. We are very thankful for everyone that has supported us throughout this long journey. Here's to many more years ahead!

Default Controls:
[V] Block (Not Re-Implemented)
[R] Dodge
[Q] Quest Log (Unfinished)
[T] Inventory
[E] Interact
[K] Skills
[=] Keymap (Unfinished)

Official Oak Tale Twitter (@OakTaleGame)
Programmed by Fangous (@DevFangous)
Built by Circa555 (@CircaGames)
Story by JRWood1101 (@JRWood1101)
With contributions from BSlickMusic (@BSlickComposer) !

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.


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