* The shovel's hit range has been extended to 25 studs instead of 20.
* The shovel can no longer autospam plates
* Each player will be granted around 10-30 points if they lose.
* You can now hit small parts with the shovel. Hitting a part will cause it to break away from whatever it was connected to.

A new "somewhat major" update has been released.

New Maps:
* 2_Houses
* Lunar Base

New Gamemodes:
* Acid Rain
* Gravity Plates
* Meteor Shower (Replaces HellFire gamemode)

New Shovels:
* David Bazooka
* Krabby Shovel
* Swuvel
* Mini Power Line
* Clicker Shovel
* Sledgehammer
* Cardboard Shovel
* Overly Intimidating Shovel
* Space Alpha Mauler


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