⚠️ **Warning this game may lag on some devices so make sure you turn your graphics down!** ⚠️

👉 Welcome to Photoshoot with dances, where you can use a wide variety of dances and emotes.

👍 Likes are heavily appreciated! 

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Game Rules:
1. Follow the Roblox rules (ToS)
2. If you are caught hacking or exploiting, you will be permanently banned.
3. No spamming, scamming, trolling, hate speech, anything that bothers players, etc.

Animation credit to Adobe (Mixamo) & other sources.
I do not claim the ownership of some of the scripting and some models. This game is intended for fun only.

Game built by Emeraldyy 🎮
Scripts made by Eat_Cake 🔧
Credit to Fakeiives for his music script 🔧

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