This is a very old game, most sounds don't work! 
Jack and Alan Let's Play it:

- At the beginning white screen, look for a tower
- Do not press the chat key /
- Do not reset
Based on the indie game Fibrillation and the recounting of Ewan Berrington's 
life-after-clinical-death experience in 1992, The Red is a first person philosophic 
horror with elements of mysticism for a run-through in one breath. You’ve got only 
one chance to play through the whole game with no saves. You find yourself wandering 
about mysterious places, each more strange than the last. Hallucinations? A trap of mind?
 Life in the balance? Haunted by your own fears, you have to make sense of it all and find 
a way out. While passing through numerous obstacles, you will face choices that mean the 
difference between life and death.


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