Welcome to Crossy Road! A game where your a chicken and you have to cross roads, rivers, and even trains! Collect coins to buy skins for in game boosts! Also collect power ups for in game boosts! This is a game of skill! GOOD LUCK! 🐔

== 4/23 Update ==
- New Skin (Pink Chicken) 🐔
- Intro GUI 😍
- Made some levels easier! 😁
- Added more to level 2! 🤡
- Game is now FE 😎
- Fixes 🛠(Mostly Lag)
- Tweaks 🔨
- More on the way! 😊

Note: Not every level is IMPOSSIBLE! Each level can be completed!😁

Updates every Saturday! Fixes every day!

This is the first LEGIT Crossy Road on Roblox! So make it great!😂

- cam_Guy
- iceyfire_Blaster

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