*Your account needs to be 30 days (a month) old to join the game.*
Note: It takes 1-2 minutes to load into the game. 
Sha Tin City 沙田市 is a game based on a district in the New Territories in Hong Kong. 
Enjoy the game. Remember to like and favourite it! :)
1. Do not insult/swear to our creator or builders. (Will result in a server ban.)
2. Do not crash into others or delete others' vehicle deliberately. (Will result in a despawn/kick.)
3. Do not steal or delete admin spawned vehicles. (Will result in a kick.)
4. Do not ask for admin or special buses impolitely or repeatly. (Will being muted.)
5. No hacking allowed. (Will result in a permanent ban.)
6. Do not spam spawn. (Will result in a 1 day ban.)
7. Break rules for 10 times. (Will result in a permanent ban.)
You may appeal for your punishment in our Facebook page.

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