Caution:This game will take you 1-2 minutes to loading into the game,please be patient.
Sha Tin City 沙田市 is a game which based in a district of HK New Territories,enjoy the game and don't forget to like and favourite it! :)
You will be banned if you do these:
1.Say rude word or some not polite word to creator/builders(Permanently Banned from game)
2.Crashing other people(Kicked/Banned from server)
3.Steal admin's bus(Permanently Banned from game)
4.Ask for admin/bus(Muted from chat/Kicked/Banned from server)
5.Asking personal question(Permanently Banned from game)
6.Hack/Exploiter(Permanently Banned from game)
Please follow above rules or you will be banned.

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