A classic Northern Finnish trick-taking game played 2vs2. The cards are dealt equally, after which an auction takes place to choose between playing grand and evasion. Evasion is played if everybody votes for it; otherwise grand is played. Before a grand round starts, one of the the attackers' opponents may choose to play solo, in which case they must not take any tricks while playing alone against their two opponents.

In evasion you must take as few tricks as possible. In grand, it's vice versa. The winners get 4 points per overtrick. Winning a solo round gets you 24 points. Get 52 points to win the entire game.

The exceptions to scoring are as follows:
1. Losing a grand your team bid gives the opponents double points.
2. If the losing team has any points, the score is then set to 0-0. Hence only one team can have more than 0 points at a time.

Note: money is never involved in Tuppi, making the game fun for all ages.


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