Take charge of history's pivotal moments in this immersive World War II strategy game! 🚀 As the mastermind behind the battles, it's up to you to lead Allied forces to victory and reshape the course of war. 🌐 

🛠️ Develop your military base and deploy powerful units! 

🎖️ Command and strategize as the supreme Allied Commander! 🗺️ Plan and execute battles across iconic WWII landscapes! Experience the thrill of being the strategic genius behind the scenes. With intuitive controls, forge alliances, deploy troops, and outmaneuver the enemy in this dynamic WWII strategy game! 

🌪️ Earn medals, unlock achievements, and enhance your strategic prowess. Customize your headquarters and showcase your victories in the war of history! 🎖️🏰 

Must have 4 GB Of Ram or UP!

Tags: WW2, Tycoon, Story, Rank Up, Battle, Fight, Guns, Single-Player, SFX, Dog Fight, 
World War II, WWII, Drama, Cinematic, Planes, Singleplayer


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