Roblox's first arcade with REAL WORKING arcade machines! A Roblox Classic Game since 2008! Just click buttons to play. :D

🕹️ Enjoy 20 playable arcade games ALL FOR FREE!
🎟️ Earn tickets to purchase prizes!
🏅 Master the arcade to earn badges!
🏆 Earn high scores to impress your friends!

Latest Patch Notes:

April 10, 2024
-- 3 NEW arcade games in the ANCIENT ARCADE!
-- 3 NEW badges to earn!
-- 10 NEW Prizes to redeem in the PRIZE TENT!
-- Unlockable secret areas!
-- Multiple new cans in vending machines!
-- Tickets now save across sessions
-- Fixed several game exploits
-- Fixed the banana

April 8, 2024
-- Added new Cafe Corner!
-- Added Ticket Counter for server
-- Fixed DDR and Plinko 2 (hopefully)
-- Server capacity increased

April 3, 2024 <- First content update in almost a decade!
-- Multiple bug fixes and repairs plus new features

Thanks everyone for playing all these years!


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