Whatever Floats your Boat is a game about building a new boat and then testing your design against others. With motors, weapons, and other interactive items, you'll never know what kind of crazy antics are going to unfold. ⛵ 

New spring update! 

## New props
- Steel beams mark 2!
- Thick wood beam
- Long wood beam
- Blacksteel Armor!
- Flat seat!
- New AA turret!
- Moderator only prop

## Visual changes
- Lighting is now updated with new visuals

## Naming and monetization updates!
- Boat name changes are now FREE!

## UX Improvements
- Taller walls
- All seats have an activation trigger instead of just driving seats
- Placing boats and props on water now works
- Changing names now selects text automatically
- Boat name generator won't generate names with the postfix "I"
- Round summary pane has priority over keytips underneath it

## Onboarding
- Better hint on how to place boats

See in game changelog (under settings) for more! 

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