Apocalypse Games will be developed under a new name by sergiu8957 and Blueice506 in the future. ZolarKeth and I do not have the time to continue work on AG, and so we will be passing it off to someone who does.

In the mean time, the Premium store has been closed down. We aren't going to take your Robux if we aren't going to update the game anymore. Although you can no longer purchase premium or credits, you will not lose the premium time you currently have, and you will still be able to spend your credits whenever you want. 

This version of Apoc Games will remain on my account for those who wish to play it anytime in the future. Just remember that we won't be keeping this game updated. All of your progress on this game isn't getting deleted or anything like that. You can keep playing this game whenever you want.

Keep an eye out for news regarding the re-branded version of Apocalypse Games, developed by sergiu8957 and Blueice506. Search on the Apocalypse Rising subreddit for mo

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