What secrets could lie in Area 51 ? Explore this mysterious place and find it out !

Latest update - 18/12/2021:
- Added Elite difficulty in Boss rush mode
- You can now play a Boss Rush match with anyone
- Changed the classes in Boss Rush mode and added perks to classes
- Added 3 badges
- Added a perk in endless survival
- Renamed PAPed weapons
- Display names are now shown
- Deadshot perk now makes 50% more damage on headshots
- Run button key is now configurable (Settings -> Controls -> Computer -> Run)
- Respawn purchases in area 51 storming can now be restored in case the game ends while purchasing
- Changed energy drink gamepass:
	- Can drink it 4 times
	- Can be refilled in cafeteria
	- Costs 10 robux
	- Now available in Endless survival and Boss rush mode
- Silent killer now requires to have full health instead of not damaged
- User experience improvements
- Bug fixes

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