- Added difficulty for Classic mode
- Remade rake's model (provided by GamerBoi9873ROBLOX)
- Endless survival:
      - Added server leaderboard
      - Improved Fire Sale's behaviour
      - Carpenter now gives 200 points
      - Added a map above mystery boxes with location
      - Points since beginning is now displayed at Game Over screen
- Fixed guns not working on mobile sometimes
- Fixed guns not working on XBox
- Fixed M203 that was unavailable on mobile
- Fixed R870 that seemed nerfed (wasn't actually)
- Fixed Pennywise that can't throw knife on mobile
- Fixed a memory leak with weapons
- Fixed robot that can beam from far away
- Improved pathfinding (performance and reliability)
- Improved the crosshair on computer
- Improved weapons performance
- Changed a little slender's teleport ability
- Minor changes

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