Welcome to Roliday 2023! This is our ninth consecutive event! Meet up with your friends as we transition into the New Year!

❄️ Features ❄️ We've got custom UGC shops, exclusive UGC each day, a museum celebrating all of Roblox's history this year, and more! 

❄️ 2023 Schedule ❄️ CHECK IN FOR MORE UPDATES 
December 22nd: Release and initial celebration 
December 31st at 12:00 EST: New Years Countdown and Ball drop! 
January 1st: BADGE HUNT Become one of the first to complete Roliday to earn an exclusive Ice Brain! 

Gold Ice Brain: 25 owners [SOLD OUT]
Silver Ice Brain: 100 owners [SOLD OUT]
Bronze Ice Brain: 5000 owners 

❄️ Code❄️ Stay tuned for codes for badges, UGC, and more!


There are currently no running experiences.