9.12.19 Whoops I took down my AWS server and broke the game; fixed it.

Firstly I'd like to thank my two friends Zetta and Theguyman for helping me on such short notice with no benefit to them at all. 

This is my submission for the 2019 summer Incubator/Accelerator program. It's a sort of tutorial level as well as a means to demo my completed mechanics. 

Aeon will be a sort of action MMORPG; It's currently in its infant stages, but please do look forward to release!

For now, you start at the bottom of some pit, for reasons unknown, but you must find a way out of this cave. Throughout your adventure, you'll come across various challenges ranging from platforming to intense combat! I hope whoever visits this enjoys every moment they spend jumping, climbing, dodging, and slashing through the Crystalline Cavern! 


R: Toggle sheathe
Z: Free mouse
Alt: Freeze look direction

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