Embark on an epic odyssey through celestial realms and ascend to become an immortal in 'Celestial Ascension: The Immortal's Path!'
(Please note, the game is currently under development, so occasional shutdowns may occur.
We apologize for any inconvenience.) 
(Controls) PC: Press 'C' to Cultivate/Meditate. 
Use 'B' to Break through realms when you accumulate enough Qi. 
Activate Qi Sensing mode by pressing 'V'. Dashing 
Mobile: buttons will be available for easy access, replacing PC keys. Join us on this transformative journey towards immortality amid awe-inspiring cosmic landscapes! Invite Code - christmas
AviGaTro - Scripter
fvrnweh - Modeler/Builder
MimoTaken - Project Leader/Scripter
Lord_Shadow - Project Manager


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