⭐ NEW SUPER RARE UNITS in the lobby + NEW OP "Spider King" Unit!! The best unit in the game!!

❤️ Use code SPIDERKING for 200 coins!! Limited time only!


⭐ LIKE the game + JOIN the group for a FREE KING UNIT!

🔥 EXCLUSIVE Season 1 Egg and Golden Jester Girl available for a LIMITED TIME!

How to play?
-Go to one of the map platforms to teleport into a game.
-Place units on the map (select them at the bottom of your screen)
-Try to beat all the waves and earn coins!
-Unlock more units in the Summoning area, Shop and Season Egg!
-Good luck beating NIGHTMARE mode.. 😱

⚠️ JOIN OUR SOCIAL SERVER if you have ideas/balancing feedback/bug reports!

❤️ This is a fan-made game inspired by The Amazing Digital Circus by GLITCH and the game Toilet Tower Defense all credits go to GLITCH studios for making this amazing show! Be sure to support their work so The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 2 can come out soon! ❤️


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