Welcome to ETHRIX! A game developed by FATE_DEV alone. With original designs, unique combat, and amazing visuals! The game is heavily based on Quick Time Events and fast reactions, please play with caution. Now, let us explore the world, under the sight of Ethrix.
     The game is heavily in development, and alpha is expected in early 2024. With that said, if you've encountered any bugs, please report them through our community server immediately!
     This experience may contain a flashing light and epileptic content which may trigger certain symptoms, such as seizures. You may have them disabled within the in-game setting.

Controls :
M - Settings
N - Menu
P - Manual
' - Customize
L + Cursor - Lock on
Double W/A/S/D - Dash
Double Space - Force Follow Up
M1 - Basic Attack
M2 - Heavy Attack
Z - Q.T.E. Cancellation
Q E R T Y - Skills

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