You and your partners Andy and Claire are investigating an ancient ruin site! Advance through its various caverns to find the ancient treasure to win fame and fortune! You can talk to your team mates by walking right up to them. You can interact with some objects in a similar way.

[Made over 3 days]

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This is an obstacle course, first and foremost. You will probably die a lot. There are checkpoints and the system works like this:

You have nine hearts. They're basically lives. If you die and have some hearts, you will lose one and get put back on the last checkpoint you touched. If you die and have no hearts you will be sent back to the entrance of the ruins. You won't lose any items, you will just lose your checkpoint. Talk to Andy if you want to refill your hearts.

There is now a secong Artifact! <<< Hit that link like you mean it!!

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