【1/11/2024 - V 1.00.48 】
・Revamped Inventory UI
・Added badge UI
・Bug fixes

【 About 】
Lost in a forest in the dead of night, you seek out refuge in a friendly stranger's home, but something feels off. You must atone for your past greed. Collect 8 notes spelling out "Selfish." to break free. Stay vigilant, your candle is your lifeline.

This game can be difficult for new players, do not be upset if you don't beat it the first try.

【 Recommendations】
⚠️ At least 60% graphics recommended
🤝 Joining with other players can be used to your advantage
🔥 Protect your candle's flame by finding hidden matches
🎧 Headphones recommended

❗ Join the group and community
🛠️ Game is still in early testing. Many things could change. Please report bugs.

Tags: Horror, Night, Dark, Light, Scary, Night Light, Midnight


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