A parasitic plague strikes the already devastated planet of Eden-227, sending an already ruthless planet into one plunged into a darkness it might never recover from again.

A Co-Op PvEvP shooter playing as either the Immune Survivors of Eden-227—looking to escape this wretched planet or the Special Infecteds armed with unique abilities to wittle and bring down all that opposes them.

A focus on Individual Characters, playing as old and new Cast from the Decaying Winter universe, each with their own unique play-style and kits.

Press H to open and close Character Selection

Non-Canonical Halloween Project based on the Decaying Winter universe.

Use votekick/USERNAME in the chat to initiate a Vote Kick.

( This game can be played in a Solo or pure PvE environment however it is not recommended and the game is designed around its chaotic 4v4 formula. )


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