The STS-Ambition space shuttle was created by DalekBobored. The base was created by Danjammey. The MC base was created by #SuperBallard. the_steamtrain did assist in making it functional after ROBLOX's updates, however he betrayed and backstabbed.

STS-Ambition is a 4 man shuttle, each man having an essential and vital role in the launch. MC is filled with several control seats, so that many NASA MCs can participate in this awesome creation. A spectator viewing area is also included, giving spectators a perfect view of the launch.  

Going into more detail, the shuttle is exceptionally realistic, making NASA launches more exciting, difficult, and memorable. MC is also overtaken with realistic qualities, giving NASA MCs a bigger responsibility. The launch site is also quite amazing. This is magnificent work. Creating this took a lot of time, effort, manpower, and teamwork. It is extraordinary in every sense of the word. Experience this awesome piece of creation.


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