We're slowly working on this game while we are finishing Deathrun 3.


Please read the entire description before you decide to buy access. The game is nowhere near done, only buy access now if you would like to help us testing!]

Slide trough caves, dodge obstacles, jump over dangerous pits and collect crystals! 

Features a randomly generated cave that's different in every server. Would be infinite if ROBLOX had no 'height limit', currently 20k+ studs long! Move your sled with WASD

We're still working on:
* More variation to the cave generator.
* A shop where you can spend crystals.
* Global leaderboards for Crystals and Distance.
* Generate more than one cave.
* Racing mode to race with your friends.
* Chaining sleds together for more fun.

Ideas? Suggestions? Send them to me :'D
Will be free to play when finished.


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