🧪 Ro-Bio: Experiment offers a unique RO-BIO experience where you can experiment with over 75 FREE POTIONS on NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and even other players! Level up, uncover new viruses, and unlock weapons with surprising twists as you progress in game!

📢 Don't miss our WEEKLY UPDATES every Friday at 5 PM CST!

🔍 Explore the map and find all 35 hidden eggs for a limited-time badge and virus!

👑 Premium Players receive a FREE 20% Coin Boost during gameplay!

📈 Enjoy 2X Coins and 2X XP every weekend!

👇 Join The Experiment Group for exclusive items!!/about

❗ If you are experiencing lag, turn down your graphics level and turn off shadows in the menu settings!

🚨 This game is completely PG and is inspired by various other games on Roblox. The content is purely fictional and should not be taken seriously in any manner. 

🌟 Special Credits: Thanks to Mob Entertainment (Poppy Playtime) for the fantastic character concept!


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