📄The Long Drive is an adventure racing simulator with an apocalyptic theme and elements of survival in the harsh conditions of the surrounding world.

📄E - Interaction.
📄V - Release the mouse.
📄F - Use headlights.
📄H - Honk.
📄Q - Turn on the music.
📄X - Turn signals.
📄R - Reload.
📄Backspace - Throw away an item.

💎The peculiarity of the game is that the world can change completely randomly, which will not allow you to anticipate or avoid a dangerous situation.

✅Avoid the Svintusov and get to Almaty with loot boxes!

📊You should always be prepared for unexpected turns of events, strive to develop the main character, and also not forget about the main means of transportation.

📝Many features were taken from the original The Long Drive game, but we tried to change most of the mechanics.


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