🍳 Welcome to Oven Tycoon! 🏭

👷‍♂️ Begin Your Culinary Factory Journey
Embark on an appetizing adventure with your very own plot of land and trusty ovens. Bake delectable treats and watch as they tumble out, ready for collection.

🚚 Feed the Food Launcher, Fatten Your Wallet
The food truck awaits your tasty morsels. Convert each scrumptious food into currency as the launcher does its magic, transforming treats into treasure!

💵 Expand Your Baking Empire
Ready to up your baking game? Find the +1 Oven button conveniently placed on your plot. Add another oven to your lineup, doubling your production!

🔄 Merge for Magnificence
Why stop at just adding ovens when you can combine them? Merge your ovens to create culinary contraptions that churn out even more valuable goodies!

Check Community Server for Codes!

👑 Premium Benefits
- Walk speed increase
- +50% Money
- Chat tag


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