🏠 What season you want to build? Winter or summer?

🌟 What if you could choose both? 🌟

🎉 Dive into this new world and discover adorable spots like the beach, attraction park, and the Halloween zone!

🗨️ Every area you unlock gives you a lovely pet, and yes, you can talk with them too! Each pet is bubbling with its own quirky personality!

🔍 Some areas have hidden surprises and secret interactions.

🚀 Your mission? Be the mayor, build up your town, and let your friends thrive in a world full of magic and color! 🌈🎠

👻 And you can TRAVEL using the balloon to explore towns built by other players and share the joy!

👍 Please LIKE, FOLLOW, and FAVORITE to keep this town alive! 

🎮 Join our amazing Group to share your tales, report bugs, and give feedback. 

❤️ Inspired by other beloved tycoon Games such us Mega Mansion Tycoon and Barbie Dreamhouse Tycoon


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