Asano Ruri, the Ninja-type VTuber voice actress, is now on Roblox!

Calling to all Asano Ruri fans, VTuber fans, and Japanese culture fans around the world from Tokyo Anime Center on Roblox, the place to find Japanese culture, to join and listen to her beautiful voice!

Saturday, April 20 @ 9AM UTC 
Saturday, April 20 @ 3PM UTC 
Saturday, April 20 @ 9PM UTC 
Sunday, April 21 @ 3AM UTC 

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Linking everyone's favorite things,The center of anime. Tokyo Anime Center is now available at Roblox! 
Try on the items you got and enjoy Tokyo Anime Center!
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🎀Get various items in the crane game 
👗Try on the items you got and walk around! 
🏙Fill the middle tower with items! 
🎉Get a certification badge at Obby Clear! 🏆️Get points and aim for the top ranking! 

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