This is a .io game where you earn DNA, create your own species with cells, and survive against other players in an evolving ecosystem.

🧬 Earn DNA by eating food, fighting, helping others, or aging your creature
🔬 Build your own species with cells and abilities to fill an ecological niche
🦑🦐 Live as a tiny minnow, a peaceful bottomfeeder, or an apex predator
🏆 Team up with friends or take on the ocean yourself in free-for-all PVP

💀 [You will lose one 5th of your creature's DNA if you die or leave the game without despawning.]
🧭 [The older your creature lives, the more DNA you earn.]

This game is currently in Beta! There will be bugs, missing features, frequent updates, and shutdowns.

Tags: Evolution, Underwater, Water, Ocean, Sea, Animal, Life, Spore, Ecosystem, Survival, Blocks, Fight, Fighting, Bacteria, Simulator, Monsters, Fantasy, Sandbox


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