¡Ahora con consejos españoles! If you have the final badge you get teleported to the island when you come back to play again (so you can have wings and the gold cablecar). There's suspension cars by the Test Area and level teleports if you want to pay for them! Try driving boats in an obby! Steering works like a Roblox car, WASD controls with R & F for dive and climb in the sub. But all boats don't behave the same way, some have been 'adjusted'! This isn't a speed run, so be patient and take your time. 
To get to the Badge, you have to explore the island... The Gold Cablecar boat to get you back to the Test Area and the bumperboats were Scacman's idea. Thanks to EgoMoose for the brilliant spawn system and the awesome ship spawn system. If you need a regen script for your vehicle try his! Also gotta thank Maelstronomer for his bumpers on the pinball machine!

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