Hop on Max Mara’s Roller Coaster and take a ride through Max Mara Coats Adventure: a magical world of style, creativity and fun!
Meet the Teddy Bears, collect the golden Stitches, and discover all the mini-games and secrets hidden within and around the whimsical Button Buildings!


🧩Solve puzzles in the Pattern Lab = Unlock new clothing items 👚
👟Run and jump in the Color Parkour = Unlock new color palettes to customize your clothes 🎨
🔎Explore the Wunderkammer = Unlock your Daimon pet and new power-ups 🐲
🏁Complete Challenges = Unlock free, unique, limited Max Mara UGCs (hurry up!) 🧵


Climb the Leaderboards, and contribute to the Global Stitches Counter: special effects and free UGCs await!
Join the adventure, meet, play and create together: no Robux required!


There are currently no running experiences.