[ Version: 1.4.7a: The massive update [70%] ]

If you're NOT in version 1.4.7, then you're on an old server!

WARNING: There is somewhat of a chance for dataloss. I apologize if this happens to you! If it did then PM me

"save/" to save your tools,
and if you don't load auto, "load/" to load them!

Currently I'm going a massive re-vamp of the game. This will, however, take quite awhile! I am working very hard on this!

I've already done the GUIs, and have added some cool new enemy! As well as re-texture a lot, and improve things.

I am also going to re-do the story-line as well, it will still involve most of it, however the events after dranwarth will change a bit.

NOTE: This game is NOT massively free-modeled. If someone tells you this they are lying. (look at the GUI, anyway.)

FULL DESC: (as of 1.4.7)


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