Become a ragdoll with murderous intent! Run, jump, slide, punch, roll, dive, swim, smack, shoot, and do just about anything else to eliminate your enemies!

🎶 Music by me; can be found on Soundcloud: lightningsplash
βš™οΈ Change keybinds, sensitivity, music in the Menu (press M) Settings!

🌟 Get VIP to vote for Modifiers, 2x map votes, 2x coins, exclusive cosmetics, and more!
😎 Get Premium to get 50% extra coins and an exclusive pattern and material!
💰 Join the LSPLASH group for an extra 25% coins (multiplied)!
( All bonuses can get you up to 3x coins. Coin bonus does not apply to purchases with Robux. )

⭐ PRIVATE SERVERS are set in MAYHEM and come with a SERVER CONSOLE; press ~ or type /c in the chat to open it up! You can spawn items, vehicles, crates, and force gamemodes / modifiers / maps (some of which are unused and exclusive to VIP Servers!) Commands will appear on the bottom right corner.

Private Servers

Play this game with friends and other people you invite.
See all your private servers in the Servers tab.

Game Passes

    There are currently no running games.