HHCL Lobby 

Update 3.35
Holding x, v or c while shooting with 50% power or more will perform a wrist shot instead of a slap shot at 75% less power.
Goalies now have to skate to the bench to be pulled for an extra attacker. Goalies can hit "x" while next to the bench to pull themselves without using a pull goalie command.
VIP Owners can appoint captain level admin to any player at their VIP Rink by using "admin/playername" (remove admin by using "unadmin/playername")

Added VIP Servers, to join your VIP Rink simply use the "Join VIP Server" from the main menu, from your VIP Server (Lobby).
Private Servers can no longer be created/Renewed (if you still have an active private server, you can still use it until it expires)


Some credit goes too: tgross25: for his NHL
Uniforms Under Armour Sporting Goods: for AHL Uniforms
000chuzzy: for his FEL and NL Uniforms


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