Welcome to Chupa Chups Skate & Create 🎨 [BETA]! 🍭🛹 Grab your favourite ride - skateboard or roller skates - and grind your way across the epic rails that span from ground to rooftop in the futuristic city! Collect creds, tag graffiti with friends, unlock new tricks, and purchase new graffiti stencils as you spread joy and explore the city!

🛹 Perform tricks and grind rails on your roller skates and skateboard! 
🖌️ Collect spray paint cans and tag graffiti around the city!
🛍️ Deliver Chupa Chups bags around the city to customers!
💰  Earn Creds to spend on cosmetics and accessories!
🏆 Climb the leaderboards!

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There are currently no running experiences.