"this game made me go insane" -a lot of people

   › shrink and grow your character
   › swap bodies with other players
⦿ new kitchen
   › IMHUNGRY.png
   › record and clone yourself
   › obtain at 100 hours (Supa Rare™)
   › if you already have 100 hours, wait a minute in game for a SURPRISE!
⦿ lots of small bug fixes (and maybe new bugs)
⦿ oh and drinking fountains

old changes:
⦿ new (harder) badges
⦿ seat animations
   › can be toggled in settings on bulletin board
⦿ more cameras
    › a lot more angles, cameras in (almost) every room
    › stalk people more easily!

hit the notify bell if you want to be notified of updates! woohoo

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this game is in beta, so there is going to be a lot of bugs; IGNORE THEM PLEASE

tags: hangout, liminal space, weirdcore, dreamcore, frutiger aero, voice chat, vc, scary


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