💥 Welcome to BAKE DA BABY!

👶 Your goal as the baby is to run from the chefs and DON'T GET BAKED! Also help other babies out of the oven!

👨‍🍳 Your goal as the chef is to get EVERY BABY in the oven! DON'T let them escape!

🌎 Vote for different maps!

🎨 Unlock different baby skins + abilities with coins!

💻Baby Controls🖥️ (PC)
- Hold C = Sneak 
- Double Jump in Air = Dive 

📱Baby Controls🕹️ (Mobile)
- Walk Slow = Sneak 
- Tap Dive Button in Air = Dive 

🎮 Baby Controls🕹️ (Controller)
- Walk Slow = Sneak 
- Double Jump in Air = Dive 

Tags: Fighting, Action, Real World Roleplay, Baby, Daycare, Comedy, Chef, PvP, Murderers VS Sheriffs Duels, Freeze Tag, Monkey Tag, Tag, Flee the Facility, PIGGY, Bake, Who's Your Father, Dead by Daylight, Among Us, Bake Da, Murder Mystery, MM, Murder Game, Murder VS Baby, Murder VS, Murders

Credits: 1CoaI (Marketing), sayer80 (Scripting), Vamonoz (Building/UI)


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