Welcome to Magnet Mates🧲⚡

Yes, you will probably find bugs

This game is meant to be played as a team of 2!

Grab your relatives, friend or a random to venture in this game based on magnets where you and a partner, form the ultimate team of Repel and Attract and discover what is beyond the clouds.[NOTICE: This game is intended to be challenging!]

[Game Material🎮] - The current max height is 600m!

Simply go up to someone and request to team up!

Use your handy tool to Push/Pull your teammate. Depending on your device you may need to either hold and release, or tap once to charge and tap again to release!

[PC] - Press v to slow down to help aligning with your teammate!

[BUGS🐛] - Please report a bug in our server if you find any, If you find a team bug it can be fixed by rejoining :)


[LANGUAGE] - Supported in 10+ Languages!

[CONSOLE] - Uses Roblox's built in feature to select buttons!


There are currently no running experiences.