Choose your favourite superhero and brawl in the city of metropolis with other heroes! Use epic powers and combat moves to prove you're the strongest hero! 

*Choose a new hero each time you respawn! Reset if you want to change your hero immediately! 

*Updates for Superhero Brawl will resume soon!

The game is on PC and Xbox for now so get on yours and join the action!

Join to join the discussion of future updates and find more fun games! 

Follow for news and updates! Also tweet him your update/new hero ideas! 

Click = Light Attack 
Right Click = Block 
F = Fly (Some Heroes) 
Q, E, R, F = Hero Abilities
Hold Shift = Sprint/Superspeed
Double Tap Spacebar = Dodge Flip (Some heroes)
Tip: Hit someone while sprinting as The Hulk to send them flying!

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