💰 Earn coins by selling or buying items ingame to redeem limited UGC!
👕 "My Avatar Shop" is an experience that lets you set up your very own UGC shop! 
🏬Create custom shops to sell UGC
🎩Showcase your UGC
💸Make Robux selling your creations
💬Chat with Friends or make new ones

⚠️ Transactions and earnings are generated through the sale of UGC that you have created, and it may take up to a week for your earnings to be credited. The Robux amount displayed in-game corresponds to the price set at the time of sale, but keep in mind that your actual earnings may be reduced due to Roblox taxes. To track your pending Robux, you can check your transaction history here:

👕 To create a t-shirt to start selling for your tip-jar click here:


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