Welcome to Carry A Friend (Teamwork Obby)! 

Help your friend help you - carry, throw or pickup your friend and press different buttons to access different areas and progress in each obby. There are many 2 player obby puzzles and levels to choose from! Train your parkour abilities and reach the final level! 

💡How To Play: 
- Press E on a player to pair up with them! 👥
- Press E to pickup or throw your friend! 👤 
- Press the buttons ⬛ 
- Progress and don't leave anyone behind 🏆 
- Reach the END of the levels 🎌 
- Get in the Top Leaderboards 🌐 

Tags: Colorful, Super, Speed, Fun, Obby, Parkour, Teamwork, Run, Victory, Win, Faster, Platformer, Clicker, Easy 

Inspired by Teamwork Puzzles, Carry Me


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