DISCLAIMER: This is a single developer project and is in early stages. There will be updates and improvements, please be patient.

A parry based adventure-fighting game that takes place on the seas.

World events spawn every hour.
The fastest way to progress is through Player vs. Player quests and world events.

Skills and mastery save even if you switch your fighting style/curses.

✨ Code at 12.5K Likes ✨
"7.5k likes"  2x exp
"level 100" disaster chest at level 100+
Codes can be found on the game's twitter, follow so you don't miss them.

Being in the group provides a 10% exp boost:

Premium users obtain 2x the rewards in the AFK world.

Current fighting styles:
Fists, Sword, Greatsword, Dagger, Dual Daggers, Dual Guns, Blackleg

Current curses:
Operation, Lightning, Light, Sand, Flame, Bomb, Snow, Invisibility, Barrier, Spin, Weight

verminnz (Scripting)
DrxfateRD (Building)
neheyaki (Animating)
kidso52 & superstephon (Teachers)


There are currently no running experiences.