An ancient abyss awaits, can you reach the top and discover the secrets of this world?

🌑 [FLOOR 5 UNLOCKED: Update 5.2]🌑
- Dye Sanctum (All dyes unlocked will show up here!)
- Dye Master, a new quest giver
- 3 new witness abilities, High Jump, Moon Jump, and Hover
- 2 new store exclusive sets

Long ago, the Sacred Lands above were destroyed, so we traversed the deep Abyss in search of safety. It has been nearly 2000 years since then, and a special group of us, known as the "Abyss Walkers" attempt to find a path back up to the surface. Now go, seek our ancient home, but make sure to travel with the others, the Abyss is a dangerous place.

⚠ Playing with nearby players gives you a double jump to help ascend the dangerous Abyss! Go in a group and climb with friends and strangers to reach the surface! Or go it alone, but at a much higher difficulty, the choice is yours. ⚠

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Music by Fotts


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