Travel back in time to The Mirage where you'll be greeted by an old friend. Can you help them on their quest to find a mysterious egg!?

A year following the defeat of the chaotic Dr. Deville d'Egg, an ominous threat breaks free from its eternal prison in an attempt to destroy the Eggverse. Open the mythical Eggcyclopedia and journey through unique open worlds, complete various tasks, all whilst being accompanied by your trusty companion, Booker. Will you save the world, or will its fate rest in Lord Aymor's talons? With 48 eggs for you to discover, welcome to Egg Hunt: The Great Yolktales!

🏆 2019 Annual Bloxy Awards Winner for Best Art Direction and Best Original Music Score.

🌍 This game is available on PC, Mac, Xbox One, Tablet, Mobile (Android and iOS).
Includes multi-platform gameplay and language support for English and Spanish.

📝 The changelog can be viewed here!


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