[A Furry Laboratory Roleplay. Providing Best Quality RP Experience!]

Welcome to Goober Evade RP a Roleplay Fangame! You can explore the Map. Unlock Badges and play as your favorite Characters! Socialize and meet new Friends along the way. Roleplay together and create your own Stories!

1 - No Breaking Roblox ToS [We do not Tolerate Bad Roleplayers!]
2 - No Godmoding/Powerplaying  [Be Reasonable and Fair!]
3 - Be Respectful [Let people decide how they want to Roleplay and dont purposely Disturb them!]

⚠️If you catch any Rule Breakers please join our communication server and report to our Staff Members or leave a message in our Group wall!⚠️

Credits can be found ingame


There are currently no running experiences.