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Welcome to JAWS: Infested Waters, the official game based on the iconic thriller! 

Dive into the action as a fearsome shark or a brave shark hunter, complete missions, and play against your friends to see who will win the battle of the infested waters and become the ultimate sea legend. Can you survive the heart-pounding dangers of the ocean? Join the adventure now and stay tuned for exciting and suspenseful updates! 

🦈 Customize Shark Abilities 
🗺️ Tail Whip Players Across the Map 
⚔️ Battle Underwater 
🤝 Collaborate w/ Friends to Complete Missions 
🛡️ Upgrade Hunter Load Outs 
🔓 Unlock Exclusive Items w/ the Sea Pass

1K Likes Code: TEETH  

Latest Update (04/16/24): 
- New Sea Pass Rewards 
- Oceanic Whitetip Shark 
- Shark Dart Weapon 


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